The formula that you’ll use is based on three main principles: Knowing exactly where big industry and media have lied to us and where TRUE results come from.

Discovering what PROVEN methods the majority use to successfully overcome this challenge FAST.

Gaining the EXACT plan you will need to execute for success.

“As a professional working in the field for the past 10 years, I have seen firsthand the gross failure with our addiction treatment systems in place. This book provides realistic and viable options for America’s broken addiction solutions. A must read for anybody in the field of addiction recovery or for anybody seeking help.”

-Vincent M. Cazzetta Jr. BS, RRT, Richmond University Medical Center

“Finally, someone willing to expose the dirty little secret of the US mainstream treatment system. Hank disentangles the paradoxes and misconceptions of today’s current views on addictions. This book will forever change the way you think about any alcohol or addiction issue for good. Get it, read it, live it.”

-Tim Heaslet, Founder and Head Chaplin for the Quietly Working Foundation for the Children of Fallen Soldiers


Hello, I am Hank Hayes, author of

You’ve Been Lied To…The Untold Truth about Mainstream Alcohol and Addiction Treatment Programs and the Secrets on How to Eliminate the Problem for Good.

The reason why I wrote this book and revealed all these options and methods is twofold. At first it was to help myself break free from all my anger after finding out I (we) have been lied to by the very people who are supposed to be helping us. But also I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling this way. Every household around the world has or knows someone with some sort of addiction struggle who is searching and wishing for a way out.

After almost two decades of being active with my challenge and 15 years in mainstream recovery, I knew something wasn’t right. And I finally figured it out. All it boiled down to was finding new information. New facts that were there all along but I (a) wasn’t shown them by recovery industry professionals and (😎 didn’t look outside the box that everyone, including myself, was in and the industry will tell you all along, you don’t need to look. In my book I uncover the pack of lies we’ve been sold.

1) Things like the disease hype. Did you know that the primary reason abusive drinking and drugging was labeled a disease was so hospitals and insurance companies could then charge for “treatment” services?

2) Did you know 97% of treatment facilities use the same model but only 5% of the people who undergo the program actually make positive use of it?

3) Did you know that you would be joining a cult? They don’t tell you that up front. Go get your dictionary and check it out for yourself. One of Webster’s definitions of the word cult is “a system for the cure of disease based on dogma put forth by open declaration.”

And the list goes on.

This book will give you some of the best secret solutions used today. But guess what? They’re not secrets! You just don’t know them yet as practices that really work against addiction.

Freedom is not free, you have to work for it.

Changing your belief system and what you believe about yourself is huge. In fact it’s everything for sustainable success. It’s going to be extremely hard to be a winner if you think you’re sick, powerless and defective and battling a huge gorilla on your back that’s always in training to take you down. As a subject matter expert for the law enforcement and military communities at the special operations level, I utilize these same teaching techniques that will be a major key to your success.

Another major key is moving toward something as opposed to running from something. If you’re always running away you’ll always be on the defensive, again a very hard position to generate positive energy from.

My book, audio tapes and live events are packed with exercises, processes and belief system modifiers on an accelerated learning platform. In other words we will get you on the right track, and keep you there, immediately!

This is my invitation to you to radically change from addicted and oppressed to completely free from addiction, full of power and the master of your own destiny.


“His points may well cause controversy in the treatment industry, but more importantly, I hope they bring hope to those who are struggling with traditional addiction treatment. Hank Hayes is a dedicated, thoughtful individual who cares deeply about addiction treatment in the US today. Read his book with a mind open to the possibility of the power within each of us!”

-Deborah Dobson, C.A.R.E. Therapy for At-Risk Teens

“Reading this book is like having your own personal life coach. In the blizzard of talk and treatment programs that get dismally poor results, Hank provides alternatives that seriously need to be discussed by decision and policy makers within the mainstream community. I highly suggest reading this book before going for addiction help.”

-Lynn A., Allentown, Pa

Hank Hayes knows what he is talking about first hand. But what is refreshing is his ability to understand why AA doesn’t work anymore and what are the lies so many people are being told still today in 2011. The absolute lies he exposes so well.

In addition Hank Hayes gives us another “program” or way to address alcohol dependency and problems with addiction with new fresh works and aids in supporting already existing groups and programs that are Not faith based like “Smart Recovery” . Thanks so much for writing what I thought I was going to have to write. My book can be much thinner now.

There has been a ton of research done but now someone can find it in one place . In Hanks book. Buy it. I’m half way through it now and give it to anyone who is a professional or deals with the public.

Those who are fed up with AA or NA will really love this. Any current 12 stepper might appreciate the truth written in 2011 not “1936″!

Best Book About Addiction in and recovery in YEARS!!!


WOW! This is a must read for anyone struggling with drug/alcohol use who wants to begin to get their life back. Packed with information about current available programs, this book provides MOTIVATION and METHOD for readers to formulate their personal plan to deal with life’s tough issues. It chronicles the very personal story of Mr. Hayes and several others who have struggled with drug/alcohol addictions specifically revealing their experience with the limitations of a common organization in the US: AA. Reading this book, written in the “live-life-to-the-fullest” voice of Hank Hayes, makes you just want to get your act together and power up! As a physician who has seen the destruction of individuals and families when common “treatment” methods fail, I was really affected by this book. I believe reading this book likely will be a transformative experience for many people – especially those struggling with, living with, or “treating” addictions. THUMBS UP!


As the wife of a former alcohol abuser, I have had much experience with 12-Step programs, both AA through my husband and my own attendance at Al-Anon. After we both struggled, unsuccessfully, for years to make this program work for our individual needs, we finally found the solution in an alternative program. Hank is spot on in his title and explains in detail, the misinformation we’ve been fed about addiction and recovery. Hank not only provides a wealth of information on newer programs and treatment methods based on 21st Century Science, he also includes enough kick-in-the-butt motivation to help any one make positive and lasting changes in their life. It’s all contained in one easy to read and entertaining book. If you have felt hopeless and powerless about addiction, whether for yourself or a loved one, then this is a must read for you.

– Ruth G

I was impressed by this book for many reasons. First, it gave a new perspective in a readable manner with great personal insight. Also, it had humor, and showed a vulnerable side of the author. Most importantly, it examined traditional methods without being critical of the individuals finding success in those methods. Simply, it gave another view to finding help with a continuing social problem. Well written, thoughtful and unique even for the reader without addiction!

Mike O

I am so thrilled to say that everything I read in You’ve Been Lied to…is exactly what I needed to get me back in my saddle so to speak. Mr. Hayes has given me the tools to push reset on myself and get it all back to where I knew I always wanted to be but just didn’t know how. I never felt AA was right for me and because of that I felt alone and somehow different and I even felt wrong for feeling this way, but now I know why. I am so grateful to have found and read this book, it has given me my light and my strength back, thank you!

Sammy S

Hank Hayes has written a deeply personal account of his journey through life and through recovery. He believes he lost valuable time because he was mis-led about some aspects of 12-step based recovery. One fascinating chapter documents some inconsistencies between what AA does and what it says. He wants others not to be mis-led, and to be aware of all of their recovery options. He has collected rich list of alternative approaches to recovery, and provided an inspiring story of how one individual overcame both addiction and a false start at recovery.

Tom Horvath, Ph.D., ABPP President, Practical Recovery

Personal accounts of struggles with addiction abound–Hank Hayes’ book is a bit different because it emphasizes a NEW SOLUTION ORIENTED APPROACH , rather than focusing on the problem.

Hayes lets the reader know from the start that his experience with 12 step recovery was ultimately not successful, although I must say he seems to have given it his very BEST effort. The 12 step approach to overcoming addiction, is the one most mainstream Americans are familiar with, and an approach that works for many, but NOT ALL. He is able to clearly, and in plain language, critique the 12 step method from his perspective. Many people will relate to his story and his frustrations.

Happily, he found an alternative recovery approach that DID work for him and he not only shares it (SMART Recovery, a program based on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy–REBT) but he also presents his own set of guidelines for achieving addiction free health and life style balance during recovery and post addiction life.

Arguing that people need to “take 100% responsibility for the life you want” he gently guides the reader through the development of a plan for overcoming one’s addiction by replacing the addiction with clarity of thought and responsible choices. Because of his experience as a contractor with the military, Hayes shines his personal light on effective strategies for building, achieving, and maintaining PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and RELATIONSHIP health. His ideas on diet and exercise are specific and helpful. The questions he raises allow the reader to develop their own answers, and in so doing are EMPOWERING.

This book offers an honest, realistic man on the street success story. Instead of accepting defeat because the widely accepted 12 step methods didn’t work for him, Hayes continued to diligently work on finding a solution that worked for him AND MAY WORK FOR YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONE.

This is worth a read–and his chapter on alternative resources is great! Some people may choose to focus on Hayes’ disenchantment with AA. There are many terrific resources about how to work a 12 step program if that is what you are looking for.

This book offers NEW SOLUTIONS to an audience of people and families who are struggling with addiction. I found his down to earth, free wheeling personal account inspiring and I recommend it.

Compelling Personal account with Terrific Suggestions for Overcoming ANY addiction

Ashley E. Phillips

After reading Hank Hayes book I felt very relieved as he has put into print many of the same thoughts and feelings I have had about 12 Step recovery and the recovery industry for many years. I am grateful to Hank for having the courage to write this book. I grew up in a similar minority situation being a gay person. I always knew my addictions were due to childhood trauma and social pier pressures as, like Hank, I started using drugs and alcohol in my teenage years. I also was introduced to AA via an outpatient treatment program. I do not believe and never could follow the disease theory and Hank did a great job of debunking that myth. He also does a great job describing the cultish aspects of the fellowship and the fact that AA ends up being a replacement addiction. I’ve spent many years in AA starting at the age of 25 by the time I was 35 I wanted out.

I was done with the meetings, the crazy rules and rigidity of the program and the false “fellowship”. I left AA and moved across the country in search of a better life for myself but what I did not know at the time was how damaged my thinking was as a direct result of the 12 step cult. Their teachings of powerlessness and dependence on the AA program to maintain abstinence almost killed me as without the cult I went back to destructive binge drinking. I agree with most of the views Hank has on getting abstinent that self-care through exercise, eating right and balanced living are the keys. I think this book will help many people who are currently struggling with addictions and have never been exposed to 12 step recovery to give them a “head’s up” and also people who are abstinent in AA and want to leave as Hank’s book will help to validate their thoughts and feelings. Hank is absolutely correct when he says that abstinence and our lives are 100% our own responsibility.


Look out Tony Robbins!! Not only did Mr. Hayes uncover the truth about mainstream treatment programs, but he motivates you to be a better person inside and out! Well written and light hearted….I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know! Hank Hayes could go head to head with any motivational speaker out there!

Debra Lush

Other than binge drinking I was very successful with most areas in my life. There came a point that I finally hit a bottom and admitted the way I drank was out of control and a problem. I was mandated into AA while attending an outpatient rehab in 2003 for alcohol. I was very vulnerable at that time and despite how good it felt to belong to a group of people that had the same issues with alcohol as I, I never felt 100% at ease with the way I was treated by many of the AA personalities. Hank captures my feelings perfectly in the first part of his book. I have mixed emotions for AA. A part of me loves the program and the idea of people coming together to overcome addiction. Reading Hank’s book gave me a sense of freedom to hear that I was not alone with the issues that caused me unease in the rooms. In AA if you express any disagreement with the accepted mantras your often met with disdain and over the years have watched people surrender their own instincts, to fall in line so they can fit in. This leads often to repeated and an almost perverse expression of self degradation that is encouraged and practiced by many members. I believe this is harmful and not true humility at all, consistently putting down on oneself. Although I still am in AA, Hank’s advice to fly with the Eagles has helped me in the rooms to discern who I let in. I’ve learned to keep those at arms length that seem to get caught up in the negative and are not there for solutions. Hank’s book goes further and outlines a concrete action plan that includes much more than just staying sober. It is about moving forward, being healthy and Living! I recommend this book to anyone in recovery or who is struggling with addiction.

Bryan M

I really enjoyed Hank’s book – it was entertaining and had some humor, but seriously depicted Hank’s deeply personal journey with mainstream alcohol and addiction treatment programs. I’m fortunate as I am not addicted to anything (OK, maybe chocolate peanut M&M’s) so I wasn’t able to relate as much myself but it gave me great insight on a few close friends and family members whom I believe are alcoholics.

I will be recommending this book to several of them and also for those who live and work with them. One theme Hank touches on which I happen to agree with is that you can have a better life – if you take 100% responsibility for it. Overall I think anyone reading this will get some solid ideas and better understand addiction.

Posted February 15, 2017